Kopfbild Biowirkstoff

Company profile / business fields

WERNER BioAgents was founded in January 15th, 2000 and pursues a mail-order business for a worldwide sale of selected natural products and biologically active compounds. Since 01st of April 2015 we are operating as WERNER BioAgents GmbH. Two parts of the business are distinguished: 

1. An alternative Selection System (Nourseothricin-dihydrogen sulfate, clonNAT, clonNAT/NTC Solution, plasmid pYL16) for Genetic Engineering of Resistant Prokaryotic and Eukaryotic Cells and Modern Plant Cultivation.

2. Natural Products and Biologically Active Agents for Pharmaceutical and Molecular Biological Research: Ambazone, Maduranic acid (Madurahydroxylacton).

Our employees

Prof. Dr. Hans Peter Saluz has undertaken the tasks of Dr. Walter Werner as a freelance
employee and scientific consultant. Dr. Walter Werner passed away in March 2014.

Frau Bianca Ressel, E-mail: Bianca@webioage.com, employees
Logistics, Shipping and invoicing, customs online, customer service, archivist

Prof. Dr. habil. Hans Peter Saluz, E-mail: hpsaluz@webioage.de
Scientific consultant

Frau Gisela Werner, E-mail: g.werner@webioage.com
CEO / Shareholder of the GmbH
accounting officer